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Want to lose 30 pounds? I didn’t realize I needed to.

When I started this journey to do a potential contest, I thought I would just drop a few pounds and pack on some muscle and that’s it. I never thought I would be down 30 pounds in a few short months (even with the holidays in the middle).

It hasn’t been easy. I track my food. I try desperately hard not to snack, which is killer for me since I’m a known snacker.

But it feels great. I’ve getting a lot more compliments about the weight I’ve lost and I can feel it – even in bending over to tie a shoe. It’s not a production for me anymore. I don’t want to admit that Jenn getting me to go to Hot Yoga has anything to do with that but it does.

But the biggest accomplishment so far has been these jeans.

I never ever thought I be back in a 32. I haven’t seen this size since the Navy when I was working out a lot more. Even while playing rugby on a regular basis, I wasn’t at this size. It feels good.

Now if I can just make it to May for the contest. Who knows where I’ll be at. My trainer won’t give me a weight. He just tells me I’ve got to get lean.

I’ll keep working at it. I’ll probably be as surprised as you when I get there. I’m actually happy he didn’t give me a weight now – because that’s probably where all of my focus would be. On a number.

Want to know how I’m dropping the weight? It’s pretty simple. I just track my food, drink a lot of water and get my cardio in (45 minutes a day). It’s that simple but it’s not easy.

How do you lose weight as an older adult?

I’ve pretty much always been a fitness guy. I like going to the gym – it helps me with stress and there’s something about a good sweat that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something with your body. Especially when you work on computers all day long like I do.

But I was stuck. I hovered around 190 in my 20’s to my mid 40’s and then I went up to 220 and was stuck. I mean, stuck-stuck. If I tried old things that had helped me lose weight in the past like cut back on drinking and fatty foods (and ate a few more salads) but it wasn’t working. I was just there no matter what.

That was before I got a personal training coach for my bodybuilding journey. He laid out my macros and got me doing two things that I didn’t think would make a difference at all. I actually don’t believe it now but the proof is in the scale. These things combined with watching my food have knocked me down from 222 to 203 in a matter of two months.

Water with an orange
I try and fill this three times a day (30 oz) at work.

So what are the two things you could do right now and probably not have to count your macros like I’m doing.

  1. Water – You may think you are drinking enough water but I seriously doubt it. I thought I was but if you aren’t getting up from your desk to relieve yourself at least once or twice an hour, you aren’t getting enough. I can tell when I don’t get enough (usually on the weekends) and I don’t drop weight even though I’ve worked out and watched my food. BTW, I shoot for about a gallon and a half a day.
  2. Walking – How silly is that? Walking helps you lose weight. We’ve all heard that before but it’s the amount of walking along with how fast you are moving. You’ve got to get the heart rate up and you’ve got to go for at least 45 minutes or so.

Seriously, these two things have helped me drop the pounds that I couldn’t even budge for the past several years. Try it out. Let me know how it goes but I’ll bet you’ll be just as surprised as I was that it works. (Don’t tell my wife this – she’s been telling me for years that I needed more water and cardio).

Can you get to peak fitness at 50?

I’m 49 and there’s a few things in life that I haven’t done that I always thought I would before I was fifty.

I believe we all have these “before 50 bucket lists”.

One of mine was to actually have a body that could compete in a bodybuilding competition. It was always in the back of my mind because I’ve worked out steady for years, had admired bodybuilders work ethic (or what I thought was workout ethic), and just wanted to have that solid build. But I had never done anything serious.

We were always so busy with life and the kids and I just didn’t think it would be possible to dedicate the time needed to do it.

Then we went to my first bodybuilding competition at the NPC Continental. Two of my wife’s friends (her business partner and one of her CustomFit gym members) were competing.

The competition was exciting and, while I was impressed with almost all of the contestants, I leaned over to my wife and said, “I could do that.”

That was a big mistake. Or actually the best person to get me off my butt and challenge me to a fitness goal.

Both women won in the competition and it was great to see their success.

Afterward, Jenn and I discussed it more and she even said she would hire the trainer for me. It was heat of the moment so I thought it might blow over in a few days and be forgotten completely in a few weeks.

I was wrong. Jenn had reached out and gotten the trainer’s information. She had already scheduled my first month and by the end of the week I was filling out forms.

So here it is. I’m almost fifty and I’m going to get into the best shape of my life. I’m going to journal my way through so if you want to keep up that’s cool. But mostly this is for me to keep a record of how it goes. I don’t know if I’ll be successful or not but with 50 knocking on the door, when else am I going to do it.

BTW, I’m a little late with this journaling thing. I’m already a month and a half in. I’m down 17 pounds from a starting of 222. Not quite my heaviest but damn close to it.

I’ll let you know what I’m doing and how I’m feeling. Maybe you’ll be inspired to come along. Getting fit at 50.

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