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Month: November 2010

What happens when someone “googles” you or your professor?

Googling Don Schindler Personal branding, I know, is a bad word in academia. I learned that over the past year. So I’ve changed the term and changed how I talk about it. My friend, JP, over at the Science of Generosity gave me a great term to us and I can’t believe how much it has helped. It’s called “Public Intellectual”.

And it works perfectly. Because all of our faculty are “intellectuals” – in fact, they all have brilliant minds and I love talking with them. That was a big draw to leaving retail and going back to my college roots here at Notre Dame. The conversations are inspiring.

But one thing they have to remember in this day and age of the internet is that the “public” part of the term is just as important. Professors are celebrities. And they are in the public whether they want to be or not. I believe most don’t even know how public they are.

I recently had a meeting with one of our more controversial professors. I won’t mention his name but he has the research to back up what he claims and I believe it’s the best thing for humanity.

But the problem he had is that he doesn’t “google” himself very much.

And a lot of interesting things came up that he didn’t know about. Which is unfortunate. Some of it was good – like a Facebook Page all about him that had over 1000 fans. Continue reading

Need a Simple Communications Plan, Simple Creative Brief and Simple Audience Chart?

simple-creative-brief Need a Simple Communications Plan for your Marketing Campaign? How about a Simple Creative Brief to go with it? Maybe even a Simple Audience Chart to figure out what you are going to say via your simple tactic.

I used to not do this. In my past, I just simply overdid it. I would forget the KISS principle and build massive documents (strategic plans, communication plans, creative briefs) that could have been made into small novels and no one could comprehend. Then I would wonder why my ideas fell on deaf ears.

simple-marketing-inventory-rollout Being here at the university for just over a year, I’ve decide to cut down the amount of marketing terms, charts, powerpoints and pitches. I just want to make it simple for my clients to understand. I wish I would have done this years ago.

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Do you want to create a Notre Dame Website on

Select a Theme of a Conductor Website

Four Themes to Select For Your Website

But you don’t have a lot of money and you need something fast.  Well, you are in luck.

I’m pleased as punch to intro the Conductor Content Management System for building websites at the University of Notre Dame.

So what do you get?

Easy to use Interface – if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use a Conductor website.

No Software to Install – Conductor is on the web so you can log in for any computer, anywhere through the Internet.

NetID Username/Password – You don’t have to have a different username and password then the one you use at the university. You can also have multiple editors who can edit the website as well.

No Coding – unless you want to.  We allow access to the source if you want to drop in your own HTML but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Choose from Multiple Designs – We’ve been building websites for a while and these designs are elegant, simple and effective.

Fast Turnaround – In only three days after we get your information, you can be putting in your content. After all your content is loaded, it doesn’t take long to launch.

Inexpensive – This is probably the best news. A basic site is only $300 and there are NO HOSTING FEES! Also, you can add some very useful modules like News, Events, Forms, and Comments for a small fee.

So who can use Conductor?

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