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Month: January 2011

12 ways to get people to like your Facebook page

Why should I find you on Facebook? 1. Make sure that you are have the Facebook connection on all your communications. This is a lesson from retailers, their Facebook page is mentioned everywhere on their communication vehicles – their website, their advertising, their brochures, their flyers, their email newsletters, their direct mail pieces, etc… DO NOT just say “Find us on Facebook”. That’s the easy thing to do but it will get the least amount of click-throughs. What you need to say is “Be the first to know about our events and giveaways by liking us on Facebook” or “Get a discount by Liking us on Facebook”.

NOTE: Once you get 25 likes, you can have your own Facebook URL like Go to – you must be an admin of the page to get a URL.

2. Offer an incentive of some kind to get Facebook Fans. They are giving up their personal information to you by liking your page so what are you going to do to them? Do you “like” many pages yourself? Why do you like pages? Usually because you are interested in what they have to say? But you have to remember there are a lot of people asking for their attention. Offering an incentive helps. If you don’t have an incentive, then offer them something you do have. Maybe it’s information. People can learn about events and news earlier than other people if the “like” your page.

3. Communicate like a person. There is nothing worse than “liking” a page and seeing it just push press releases and news items into my Facebook lifestream. It’s a good way to get your page hidden or unliked. But if you talk like a person, which is how everyone else talks on Facebook, then I might keep you around.

4. Ask questions, encourage feedback. Asking questions is a great way to communicate. First, if someone sees a question then their brain is going to answer it. Don’t you think that’s true? Even if you said “no”, you still answered my question. And just because people aren’t talking to you or answering your questions, doesn’t mean they aren’t reading it. Very few people comment online, even though they read what you are saying. Continue reading

Why use Facebook Pages at Notre Dame?

Should you use Facebook?

Should you use Facebook to promote your program? Image courtesy of Horia Varlan

Why use Facebook at Notre Dame to promote my program, class or dept or even myself?

I get this question a lot.

And the answer depends a lot on your target audience. For instance, the agency does not have a Facebook page. Why not?

Because the audience I want to attract and engage with is not on Facebook to learn about me. The agency decided to use another platform (Linkedin Private Group – Notre Dame Campus Communicators) and we use that platform along with Brown Bag Lunch and Learns (two new ones in Feb – blogging and content strategy, find them on the Linkedin Group) and OPAC’s Campus Communicators Summit to do outreach.

So analyze that first – is the target audience using the platform?

For most depts, programs, classes, and colleges, your target audience is using Facebook. So should you use it or not?

There are two things that I believe you should look at before starting your FREE Facebook page.

  1. Does anyone in our office use Facebook consistently and understands how people communicate on Facebook?
  2. Can we make Facebook part of our overall marketing strategy?

If no one in the office uses Facebook, then don’t start a page. Why?

As oaknd1 likes to say, “Bad social media is worse than no social media.” Continue reading

Should you use a Facebook Profile or Facebook Page for your Notre Dame Program, Department or College?

RecSports on Facebook

RecSports is using Facebook Pages correctly

Recently, I’ve been getting asked about Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Profiles.

Back in the day, many people started using Facebook Profiles for their program, department or college. This might have been before Facebook had created Pages or it was when Pages were still pretty sparse for business help.

Since then Facebook has made lots of changes – big changes to help businesses and schools really use their Pages effectively.

Now Facebook is making it clear that profiles are now only for individuals and pages are for business.

Both have different features.

Programs, depts, and colleges are only allowed to open pages NOT profile. If they have a profile or try to open a profile page, they are in direct violation of TOS. Which could get them suspended.

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Shouldn’t Marketing & Communications be called a Practice?

Open Up and Say "Ahh!" via sunshinecity

I’m all for changing the name of AgencyND to PracticeND. You know, like a Doctor’s Practice.

I wish more people thought of marketing like a physician’s practice. If you are like me, I go to my doctor expecting some answers (most of them I already know – less stress, more veggies, more sleep, less fun stuff, etc…) but if something is really up, I also know what he is going to say.

“Let’s do some tests.”

And I don’t question the tests. They are going to help him make a diagnosis and maybe find out what is wrong and how to fix it.

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