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Month: April 2011

How can social media be incorporated into your communications at Notre Dame?

First, if you are not convinced that social media should be used – please check out the following presentation.

[slideshare id=4747765&doc=whatissocialmediayr3pgrated-100713151403-phpapp02]

There are a bunch of quotes in it that I think are worth repeating.

25 billion – amount of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, and notes, and photos) shared each month on Facebook – 6x last year

Social media is the ongoing conversation of the planet…it is my home on the internet. It is far richer than any diary or journal. Kurt Sonderegger, VP Marketing,

Social media is like water. On its own, water does some cool things, but when combined with other compounds it enabled the evolution of all forms of life.

Social media on its own is nice, but when combined with other tools, it is enabling everything to evolve, from communications to business to politics to marketing.” Mike Volpe, VP Marketing, Hubspot

Before you go into the basics of social media, you need the basics of what you are trying to do, right?

What’s your communication goal? This doesn’t have to be a hard question. It’s actually pretty straight-forward.

So what do you need?

First, you should have a website. This is where you keep your information about what is going on. People should be able to get basic information and be able to connect with you for more information (like sign up for newsletter or connect through social media). Two ways to get websites at Notre Dame – Conductor or WordPress. Continue reading

Why do you need a marketing mechanic?

Can a consultant fix your marketing? Here’s a problem I find with marketing consultants. They are full of plans that they don’t execute. It’s really hard to hold them accountable because they don’t do the actual work. They just make the plans.

Not that consultants are a bad thing. I am one at my full time job at Notre Dame. I consult a lot. I draw up plans. I don’t have to execute on all of them and therefore I am a consultant.

But here’s what I find with most consultants. They want you to start over.

They want the plans that you may have had in place to be thrown out. Then they start over with a fresh set of plans. That you probably can’t execute anyway.

So that’s why I don’t want to be a consultant. Consider me a marketing mechanic.

Why a mechanic?

When you bring your car to a mechanic because it isn’t running as well as you think it should, the mechanic isn’t going to tell you that you need to just get rid of the car then start putting together plans for a new car based on what you feel you need your new car to do.

Continue reading

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