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Month: September 2011

Being Found: Add Your Keyword Matches to Search

I don’t know how many of you know this but you can get keyword matches (keymatches) for terms associated with your website for free from the Library.

The library controls the Google Search Appliance, which powers the university’s overall search here on campus.  So if you go to and type something into search, the search engine results page will display everything that it deems a match.  But this search is in a controlled environment – mainly every website and database that the library points the search appliance at. Continue reading

US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presentation on Real Time Communications

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting in Miami through the Mendoza College of Business Non-Profit Executive Programs.

My presentation/workshop was an 8-hour affair.  A long day for sure.  But I was highly encouraged by how engaged the presidents, CEOs and board members were in my presentation.

Three years ago when I gave social media presentations, most executives would roll their eyes and think that I was just there to sell them the latest and greatest shiny new object without any hope of a real return on investment. Continue reading

SEO Browser to see what the search engines see

SEO Browser lets you see what the search engines see

From time to time, I’m going to start passing along tools that I like to use for checking out websites.  One of them is

SEO Browser lets us see all the cool data you want to see like Metadata, Page load times, Page size, # of words, # of images, robots.txt, frames, cookies, links, IP address, country, and then breaks down all of your links.

Cool stuff.


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