Negative Comments on Facebook

Dealing with negative comments on Facebook doesn't have to be a bad thing.

First off, bad comments do not necessarily mean a bad thing. The person could be upset for a variety of reasons and the best thing to do is find out why they are upset. Maybe it says it in the post. Maybe it doesn’t but their anger is in the post. ┬áBut an unhappy person is not a big thing – it could lead to you doing something better.

So here’s how I would handle it.

  1. If what the person is complaining about is a misunderstanding, then I would address it right there with the correct information. Hopefully, that fixes the issue and everything goes back to normal. ┬áThis also gives correct information to anyone else who was confused and just didn’t feel like commenting.
  2. If it is anger at a situation and they are striking out, then you might want to friend the person on Facebook with the understanding that you are Page Admin and you would like to talk. Or give up your personal information in the form of an email or phone number for them to reach out. The main thing here is to get the dialogue off the page. Continue reading