So we’re finally moving out of the Gracement and fifth floor of Grace Hall for the summer while they renovate our space.

We’re also cleaning out all the crap we have stored up for the past few years since the Agency moved to Grace Hall.

Which reminds me, when is the last time you inventoried all of the spaces you are in online.  I’m sure some stuff has built up over time and the content has grown stale and dusty.

Renovating your website and social spaces can help with search because the engines will treat the old pages like new as long as you change at a couple of sentences per page. Plus you can add in the keywords that you want to be found for.

So I recommend taking the time this summer to look through your materials (don’t forget your print materials as well).

As soon as we’re moved, I’ll be back up and running.


  1. Great advice Don, I think I have stuff spread all over the information highway … time to clean up some roadkill.

  2. Don, great advice. I already been tossing crap or been putting them into a file system that would allow me to go back to at a later date. I love Evernote for this very reason as well as another iPad app iAnnotePDF they both allow me to save information online to read at a later date.

    I am amazed at the stuff that I have accumulated over the years.

  3. Don Schindler Avatar
    Don Schindler

    Steve and Dave, I’m a fan of evernote as well but I’m worried about everything I miss. Information overload sucks that’s why I need you guys to let me know when something is really important out there.

  4. I love nothing better than a good chucking out session, its so theraputic. Anyway any space is far more comforatble when its not full of uneccessary ‘stuff’.

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