Want to lose 30 pounds? I didn’t realize I needed to.

When I started this journey to do a potential contest, I thought I would just drop a few pounds and pack on some muscle and that’s it. I never thought I would be down 30 pounds in a few short months (even with the holidays in the middle).

It hasn’t been easy. I track my food. I try desperately hard not to snack, which is killer for me since I’m a known snacker.

But it feels great. I’ve getting a lot more compliments about the weight I’ve lost and I can feel it – even in bending over to tie a shoe. It’s not a production for me anymore. I don’t want to admit that Jenn getting me to go to Hot Yoga has anything to do with that but it does.

But the biggest accomplishment so far has been these jeans.

I never ever thought I be back in a 32. I haven’t seen this size since the Navy when I was working out a lot more. Even while playing rugby on a regular basis, I wasn’t at this size. It feels good.

Now if I can just make it to May for the contest. Who knows where I’ll be at. My trainer won’t give me a weight. He just tells me I’ve got to get lean.

I’ll keep working at it. I’ll probably be as surprised as you when I get there. I’m actually happy he didn’t give me a weight now – because that’s probably where all of my focus would be. On a number.

Want to know how I’m dropping the weight? It’s pretty simple. I just track my food, drink a lot of water and get my cardio in (45 minutes a day). It’s that simple but it’s not easy.


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