Why can’t I use paper for notes anymore?

I love Evernote
Seriously, I do.

Taking notes on paper is worthless to me. Why? Because I can never find the paper I used and if I can, I can’t search through it in less than a second.

Personally, I don’t remember what I did with my notes before I had Evernote.  I believe I used Gmail and Google Docs to take notes but many times I didn’t have an internet connection and therefore would have to take the notes by hand.

Then I was stuck with paper notes and I would always lose them right after the meeting before I had time to transcribe them.  My desk can be a bit messy.

I tried to put paper notes in folders or keep the same notebook but I would almost always forget to grab the right notebook when rushing to the next meeting.  Then I would take notes in whatever notebook I had with me.  This led me to ripping the notes out with a tear or forgeting which notes were in which notebook.  And the cycle continues.

Evernote has changed all of that.  It doesn’t matter which device I have – it has Evernote on it.  My iphone, my ipad, my macbook.  Of course, I’m a Mac guy so it’s easy with the apps but it’s good with Android as well.  And you always have the web version.

And I can still take notes with by handwriting (with Penultimate and my Jet PRO pen) and it gets saved in Evernote.  Do I recommend evernote?  You bet I do.  Does it save me time? Yep (search, tags and notebooks).  Want to know how all that works?  Check out Michael Hyatt’s tutorials or you can learn directly from Evernote.

What’s the worse thing about Evernote?  When I forget to put notes in it.  Because then I have no idea where the notes might be.  But that rarely happens anymore.

What do you take notes with?


4 responses to “Why can’t I use paper for notes anymore?”

  1. Evernote is great. It really nails note-taking. You can be as organized or (disorganized) as you want. If you’re a tags and notebooks kinda guy, you’re covered. If you like using search, you’re covered. Either way, Evernote scales to meet your needs. In a hurry and don’t want to title a note? No problem. Don’t want to save? No problem, Evernote auto-saves — and can sync frequently. Plus it works everywhere. It’s a really, really good product.

    1. Don Schindler Avatar
      Don Schindler

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Josh.

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