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Month: October 2015

Digital Amnesia Epidemic; Amazon Can’t Ever Die; How Intimate is Your Brand?

All the adults are doing it. 65% of adults use social networking sites. Can you guess what that same percentage was just 10 years ago?


FB or TV? Nielson says that using Facebook alone now reaches more Millennials and Hispanics over running ads on the 10 most watched TV networks combined.


Nothing in life is guaranteed. What would happen to our books, movies and music if Amazon dies?


You’re suffering from digital amnesia. 40% of people Google info before trying to remember it and 25% of people forget the answer right after using the information.


A somewhat longer (but worth the time) talk from Todd Henry on the way we work…and what’s not working.


When people love brands…it’s because they tend to have these three qualities.

Facebook Give Us More Feelings; While Twitter Gives Us More Words; Millennial Trust in Ads

All kinds of feelings. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is going beyond the LIKE button to feature six new reactions. Opening doors for brands to tap into more customer feedback.


Twitter’s new feature, Moments, allows you to instantly view videos, photos and tweets behind the latest and greatest stories. This may be Twitter’s life saver.


Desktop is not dying…but compared to mobile growth looks pretty sad. And 80% of your digital time is spent on one of these three apps.


Because there’s just too much to say. Will Twitter finally relax and give up their 140 character restriction?


Got trust? Nielson released their “Global Trust in Advertising Report.” Millennials report the highest levels of trust in the nearly 20 ad formats measured.


Did you fall for that joke again? Why the “Facebook privacy” post is a hoax…but it is one that will not go away.

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