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How do you know if you are spamming people or emailing those that might be interested in your topics?

Spam by pandemia via Creative Commons

First, ask yourself this question. “Would your audience think that the messages you are sending are relevant?”

If you got your email, would you say “this is something I’m really interested in.”  If not, then don’t send it because you’ll regret it. It’s so hard to get people to give up their legitimate email address. Don’t take it lightly.

People always ask me, “How often should I be emailing people?”

How often do you have something relevant to say?  If you have something relevant every day, then you can hit them up every day.  Think about Groupon or Living Social.  Every day they have a deal.  So they email you every day.  Don’t send a quarterly email if you are doing it because it’s that time of the year. Send it because you have collected the best stuff of the quarter and your audience would really want to know about it.

Second, you are spamming people if they didn’t sign up for your email.

What’s that mean?  You can’t have a student or intern harvest emails from websites or listservs and/or directories that aren’t yours.  People need to sign up for your email.

It’s against the CAN-SPAM act and it can get the university “black-listed”, which can possibly shutdown the university’s email system.  If someone gave you a card or you have personally met them (over the past 2 years) and you asked them about signing up, then by all means, add them to the list.  Continue reading

Christmas Communication Gift: How would I market a dept, program or class on no budget?

Christmas So you’ve been challenged with getting people to pay attention to things you are offering them but you’ve got no budget to do it with.  Just a few years ago, you probably would have been out of luck.

The only thing you would have been able to use is good old “word of mouth”.  Which, btw, is still one of the best ways to get people to pay attention.

But today if you don’t have money, there are a lot more opportunities to get the word out.

Website – Central Hub
With no budget, I can get an ND blog and make it into a website.  The blog section can always be used for news and there are lots of different themes and layouts to choose from.  The main thing that I want people to do when they visit the website is to do something.  Sign up for something.  You need to get their information so you can reach out to them. Continue reading

If Listservs Aren’t The Answer For Email Marketing, What Is?


Spam is Garbage - Plain and Simple - Image Courtesy of Editor B

Yes, I know the listserv is cheap and easy.  And, last year, anyone could spam the entire university about their upcoming event, lecture or visiting guest.

And everyone did.

But what happened is that most people would not only ignore the listserv emails – they also started to despise the people (fellow employees) blasting them every couple of weeks about things they didn’t really care about. Continue reading

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