Do you ever wonder why some sites show up for search terms and others just never come up?

I love this quote by on Hubspot’s blog.

Anne Carelli, Digital Communications Manager for Coke. She said:

“Several years ago, Coke realized that is not their home page – it is, and YouTube. Take the time to keep abreast of what is showing up for your brand in these new social sites and search engines.”

So how do you dominate for keyword search terms.  It’s actually very, very difficult to do but if you want to, you should start with understanding where you are in the first place.

There’s a lot you can learn from a simple free download plugin for Firefox called SEO for Firefox.

Firefox for SEO on Notre Dame Science

After you download this plug-in, do a Google Search for your website.  I’m going to use Notre Dame Science as an example.  Marissa and I just did this the other day for her site so I’m hoping she doesn’t mind.

Here’s what the SEO tool showed us. Continue reading