When I was speaking with the Mendoza College of Business School at the University of Notre Dame Marketing team the other day, we did some quick analysis of their site to see how they ranked vs. their competitiors.  Now I’m not going to show you their stats, but I am going to show you nd.edu vs. some of our competition and how I would do it quickly just to set a benchmark.

There is much more in depth analysis you can do but this is down and dirty and gives you a snapshot.

First, I head over to Compete.com.  Now depending on how much traffic your website gets, compete.com can give you a pretty good reading of your website.  Now this is not based on internal analytics so it’s not perfect but for a quick analysis, it’s fine.

Here’s nd.edu vs. stanford.edu vs. duke.edu and bc.edu.  Interesting results that aren’t really far off from our internal analytics.


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