Top Ten Websites for Black Friday Discounts – How Do Hot Trends Work For You?

So here are the top ten sites to get the Black Friday Deals – I didn’t steal this from anyone.  Just did a little research and this is what I came up with.

Creative Commons by Olaf
Creative Commons by Olaf

This is more of an article about the speed of Trend Marketing and the your company’s communications.

I love Black Friday; even though, I don’t shop it.  I probably should but I just don’t get into shopping like that.  But you’ve got to love the deals.  I was in retail marketing for a few years as a marketing manager and coming up with the insane deals for Black Friday was always a good day.  Even when the rest of them weren’t so great.

But here’s what I wanted to do with the Black Friday that I love so much.  I wanted to see if I could grab some of the limelight that Black Friday is getting right now.  You see, Black Friday, is now raising at very fast rate on Google Trends – Oct 27th.

People are searching it.  People are starting to look for the deals.  People want to know where they will be camping next month in search for the bestest, cheapest gift ever.

So as Black Friday rises so does it’s importance on social networking sites.  Technorati, Digg, etc…  News outlets have articles out there.  Soon it will be all over the place.

Now if my hunches are correct, I’m going to drive good traffic with my title.  Now these won’t be my customers but you never know who may click over and read this article.

And to me, this isn’t black hat SEO, this is smart SEO and linking strategy.  All I’m doing is talking about a hot trend and how it relates to my work.

Think about this.  TV commercials spam me (not anymore since I finally got a DVR – how did I live without that before I’ll never know) in the middle of my favorite shows and nobody calls the better business bureau.  Though with the way some commercials are using shock techniques, somebody should.

This is how marketing on the internet should be.  Companies should be participating in the conversation, whatever the conversation is – not just what you think it should be.

What’s hot within your industry?  Do you have a take on it? What if you did, where would you put it?

I’ll bet in the past you put your take in a hard copy newsletter and sent it out to the people who unfortunately signed up for it.  Do you think they read it?  Can they comment back to you on it?

Come on, it’s 2008.  With the net, you can know what is hot in your industry or the world in general.  You can put your take out immediately.  People can respond to it.  Amazing.

Let’s see what happens to this article.  Maybe it will go through the roof – maybe it will die but it only cost me a half an hour to write.  How much time did you spend on your company’s newsletter?

If you would like some help to figure out social media marketing, trend marketing, SEO, SEM, and all that good digital stuff, we could help you.  Here at MediaSauce, we live and breathe it.


3 responses to “Top Ten Websites for Black Friday Discounts – How Do Hot Trends Work For You?”

  1. Thanks for the article, it really helped me.

  2. Hi Don,
    (sorry for my english but i try)
    I found your article about black friday when i was looking for an information about deal sites.
    I read that you are some kind of a marketing specialist.
    Id like to make an hot deal site in Poland but i have no to much experience in this case. I think i have good idea for a website, have no money, some ideas (friends) who can help me in promotion (put my logo on their websites) and meybe write to some big sites and ask about write some info about my web.
    I am afraid that i can make many mistakes and the idea will not function correctly. I dont know who i can ask about this case becouse in poland emarketing is very poor…
    I know that all ideas in poland are copy from usa… –> , –> etc.
    My idea is good i think and nobody in poland do the same (meybe one or two but their websites are very ugly and i think they had no marketing plan).
    Is it possible to ask you for a some advice for my busines ?
    How i have to do this ?

    i like very much site in uk (if you can check)
    Their contend are built by the users but i want to takes info directly from sellers (online and offline shops)
    at start nonprofit i think is a good idea. Every shop will be happy to put info about his hot deal for free. (but only really good deals not each promo) but i dont know that i need your help…

    best regards
    Jacek J

  3. Don Schindler Avatar
    Don Schindler

    This is a tough one, Jacek J. I would recommend that if the idea is that important to you, write up a business plan and share with family, friends and companies that fund this.

    I’m sorry that I can’t provide any specific advice because I really don’t understand your concept.

    As you write out your business plan, your idea will become more and more solid in your mind. Sharing it on blogs isn’t idea because other people may take and it.

    The other thing I would be cautious of is looking for free advice. It is usually worth exactly what you pay for it.

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