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Month: March 2010

How Social Media Works

Social Media Makes Friends - photo credit StuSeeger

People ask me all the time if Social Media is effective or how it works.  I try to explain but usually I blow it because I get all passionate about it and it comes out all confusing.

But I caught two things just a few minutes ago that reminded me how simple it really is.  Here’s one of them – From Mitch Joel of Twist Image (love his podcasts on iTunes) via Mashable article.  (It’s around the bottom of the page)

“True story: the CEO of a major organization and I are having breakfast and he’s asking me about the implications of Social Media from a B2B perspective. As I go through how important those natural voices and conversations are [to] the decision makers, he starts laughing and cuts me off. Here’s why: about a month prior to our meeting, his CTO came to him with a fairly advanced technical upgrade that needed to take place along with the pricing and deliverables. Without having much knowledge of the potential new supplier, the CEO found himself doing some online searches for what others have thought. Beyond the jargony-corporate website, the CEO was much more taken by the Podcasts, YouTube testimonials, Blog posts and Twitter chatter about the product.

Without realizing it, the CEO was entirely reliant on Social Media for their final decision. While it’s easy to think that this is an isolated incident, do [your] own online search for “social media b2b” and you’ll quickly realize that Social Media is probably easier to link to true ROI in the B2B space than it is for B2C.”

I think this is a great example but then I realized how I found the article.  Via Brain Solis’ twitter account who was also mentioned in the article.
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Using SEO for Firefox for Your Higher Ed Website

Do you ever wonder why some sites show up for search terms and others just never come up?

I love this quote by on Hubspot’s blog.

Anne Carelli, Digital Communications Manager for Coke. She said:

“Several years ago, Coke realized that is not their home page – it is, and YouTube. Take the time to keep abreast of what is showing up for your brand in these new social sites and search engines.”

So how do you dominate for keyword search terms.  It’s actually very, very difficult to do but if you want to, you should start with understanding where you are in the first place.

There’s a lot you can learn from a simple free download plugin for Firefox called SEO for Firefox.

Firefox for SEO on Notre Dame Science

After you download this plug-in, do a Google Search for your website.  I’m going to use Notre Dame Science as an example.  Marissa and I just did this the other day for her site so I’m hoping she doesn’t mind.

Here’s what the SEO tool showed us. Continue reading

Higher Education Website Search Engine Optimization For Beginners For Your SEO Needs

I got a question the other day about SEO and what people should be doing to their websites.

Well, there is a lot you can do. Like adjusting title tags, adding keyword rich content, adding video and photos, making sure that their is a 301 Redirect to your www, etc so the search engines see only one site, etc…

But I always like to let the experts do the talking so I head on over to and find out what the smart SEO guys are doing.

There’s a lot of great information – especially the Beginner’s Checklist for Small Business.

But one of the best parts of is the survey from SEO experts in the field on Search Engine Ranking.

1. Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links – 73% High Importance Continue reading

EDUcheckup Gives Us A Thumbs Up

arts-letters-educheckup I’m very proud of our team here at AgencyND.  The new Notre Dame Arts and Letters site got some serious love by the EDUcheckup in this video episode.

You know, sometimes it’s hard being an Agency within a college.

You see, we don’t force anyone on campus to use us.  We’re not OIT and we can’t demand that our marketing services must be used.  We also have some limited resources (there’s only 21 of us) but who doesn’t have limited resources?

Each dept, center, institute, etc… has its own marketing money to do with it what they want.  They can come to us or they can go to anywhere of their choosing. Continue reading

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