EDUcheckup Gives Us A Thumbs Up

arts-letters-educheckupI’m very proud of our team here at AgencyND.  The new Notre Dame Arts and Letters site got some serious love by the EDUcheckup in this video episode.

You know, sometimes it’s hard being an Agency within a college.

You see, we don’t force anyone on campus to use us.  We’re not OIT and we can’t demand that our marketing services must be used.  We also have some limited resources (there’s only 21 of us) but who doesn’t have limited resources?

Each dept, center, institute, etc… has its own marketing money to do with it what they want.  They can come to us or they can go to anywhere of their choosing.

But we would like them to think of us first – or at least know that we have the talent in house that can do great things.  And it’s definitely nice to be acknowledged in that.

Recently we’ve won awards in How Magazine for our Center for Social Concern Annual Report and the AgencyND logo.

Our site won for number one inspiration site.

We’ve got a lot more awards and we’ll get them up soon enough on our own site but for this post, I just wanted to thank my guys and gals.  They work hard every day and I’m glad someone besides me is noticing.

Thanks to Josh Stowe over at Arts and Letters for suggesting the site to Nick DeNardis over at EDUcheckup.


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