Shaving My Head and the Habit of Everyday Marketing

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People ask me how often I shave my head.  “Every day.”

They are usually surprised.  “Well, how long have you been doing it?”

“Since 99.”  That’s 11 years of shaving my head and when I say it that way it feels like a long time.  But really it wasn’t.

I’ve got it down to a science.  Probably less than 3 minutes in the shower in the morning. But when I first started shaving my head – it took much longer.  And was much more painful.

But recently, a social media friend Eric R. gave me a new shaver to try out.  It’s called “Headblade“.  I’ve seen them before and thought about trying them out but I never wound up getting one.

Now this is a different kind of shaver – made for the head specifically – and it’s got cool wheels.  So I tried it out.  And it felt like the old days.  In fact, he warned me in an email.  “Give it a few days.  It takes a little bit to get used to.”


So I did and it got easier.  In fact, it even got quicker than my regular blade.  I haven’t fully given up on my normal blade but I now use them both.  And it’s kinda nice to see two “man” accessories along with my bar of soap in the shower instead of just the fifteen bottles of shampoo, conditioner, two loofahs, two leg shavers and a ton of body wash.

Social Media Marketing is much like shaving my head in the mornings.  It’s what I consider my everyday marketing.  And it’s gotten a lot easier over time.

I check my twitter search, facebook statuses, linkedin group and status of friends, the blogs I consider important, and any messages that Notre Dame may have sent out over the wires.

Then I pass along interesting tidbits to friends and the campus communicators – the everyday marketing I’m doing is to let them know that I’m trying to keep up on what is going on in marketing both in higher education and in retail.  I get lots of good feedback from people that they like what I’m doing.  And you know what, they trust my judgment when I give them a suggestion about their marketing.  Because they know, through my everyday marketing, that I have a grasp of this stuff.

Occasionally, I’ll get a new marketing tool.  Much like the “Headblade” shaver.  And I try it out.  Sometimes it makes the marketing easier and I’ll keep it and tell my friends.  Sometimes not so much.

Social media marketing gets easier.  It really does.  But there’s a learning curve.  You might not get down to 3 minutes a day but at least you won’t cut yourself as much anymore.


4 responses to “Shaving My Head and the Habit of Everyday Marketing”

  1. Great analogy for the importance of consistency and how it all gets easier over time… we need to allow ourselves to get uncomfortable with the new things, and then the rest eventually falls into place.

    BTW – that is one really cool-lookin’ razor. 🙂

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head! consistency is really the key when it comes to all kinds of marketing especially with content marketing and social media marketing.
    It’s like anything, if you do it long enough it eventually becomes a habit and in this industry it can be a very lucrative habit have.

    I really started to see a difference in my business when I created a consistent daily marketing plan and STUCK to it.

    So why the obsession with shaving your head? Are you receding? LOL

    Anyway great blog post!
    Billee Brady

  3. A little every day makes it easier, great analogy: marketing and shaving your head. I try every day, marketing, not head shaving. I does get easier as the days go on.

  4. This is a bold-minded shot! But you make it, dude! Congratulation on your self challenge! Good for you!

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