People ask me all the time why I use social media things like Twitter and Facebook.  Well, to get better answers than Google provides.

I, like most people in this world, will use things that work.  If they don’t work for me, then I usually stop using them.

When I asked the question, “Does anyone have any favorites for web conferencing like webex, go-to, vyew, adobe connect, etc?” through my Tweetdeck (which feeds my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles).

Here’s what happened.

I got lots of answers.  From people that I trust and from people I didn’t know but when I looked at their profiles and found out they were professionals like me (I figured I could trust them).

From Twitter I got:

@phillColeman: @DonSchindler I’m biased (work for them) but have you looked at Yuuguu for web conferencing? Aims to be simple to use.

@aeltzroth: @donschindler have used go to and adobe connect. No real preference. Adobe interface is a bit cleaner but function seems the same.

@cbarbour: @donschindler dimdim

@nickdenardis: @donschindler I like DimDim a lot.

@jcarole: @DonSchindler I am actually loving this FREE WebEx beta It’s still kind of a “secret’. Can’t lose with free!

@Mietzler: @DonSchindler I sell WebEx and Adobe. I think both are great but Adobe is my fav. let me know if you want demo

@LSCNorthHarris: @donschindler We use Web-Ex a lot here. Is it my favorite. I dunno … kinda standard issue I guess. Works on Macs fine too. #highered

Then my friends from Linkedin chimed in – I won’t post theirs because they were private emails but one of them told me her company used Microsoft Live for a while but had a lot of problems.  They switched Webex and now things are going great.

I got a few more responses on Facebook but I won’t expose them – if you are friends with me, then you can check it out but most of them were Webex.

When I did the same kind of search through Google using a couple of different keyword terms, I got all different kinds of answers.  Under “free web conferencing”, webex didn’t show up except for with Google Adwords.

So who am I going to trust – the Google results or my friends?

Me, I’m going to go with the professionals I know rather than the search engine.

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