He looks happy before the jump.

“They are using Twitter.  We should be using it, too.”

I hear that a lot.  Because if other schools are doing it then it obviously will work for them as well.

Just because another department or school is having success with some type of communications or marketing tactic doesn’t mean it will be effective for your program.

Yes, there are basics for your program.

Like a website – that is updated frequently.

Like an email marketing program – if they are going to visit your website, give them something to sign up for.

Like a brochure or one-sheeter or at least a business card – you need something that they can take with them if they meet you face-to-face.

I would also say a blog – either on your website (recommended – you can use the “news module” in our web content management system, conductor, as a blog) or an outside blog at http://blogs.nd.edu (they are free and easy to set up).

Now everything else should be really reflective of your audience and how they want you to communicate with them. So magazines (these are expensive but can be well worth it – think ND Magazine), Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Groups, Google Adwords, billboards, TV ads, YouTube channel, etc… These all need to be thought through carefully.

BTW, we’re here to help you do that. Do you know how to measure ROI? It’s simply take the “money earned by the tactic” – “cost to create the tactic” divided by the “cost to create the tactic”. Every tactic should have an ROI?

So what are your favorite outside the norm tactics? Facebook pages? Twitter profiles? Billboard ads?

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