Do you need to sell something or offer people a way to pay for your services at Notre Dame?

Notre Dame Marketplace
They can build a store for you. is a great service offered here. Jeff Simko and Robyn Pola can help you.

Here are the two options they have.

  1. uStores – This is your full service e-commerce site. We’ll design a complete storefront for you that would include product pages, category pages, shopping cart pages, secure checkout, and custom reports.
  2. uPay – We provide you only with secure payment pages that you would link to from your existing website via a “Buy Now” or “Pay Now” button. This means that you would need to create a web form to collect any registration specific information because the uPay pages will only collect payment related information.

By the way, they really like working with our Conductor Content Management System. They know how to strip the design from our pages and make it match to their store so your branding goes through from website gateway to shopping cart.

And, they are the only way to do this on-campus. No one else can take secure payments. It’s affordable, easy and what ND offers you.


  1. We just started working with ND Marketplace for our unit in ACE and couldn’t be happier! We would highly recommend them.

  2. Thanks Don, Ricky. And we’re just starting to test v6.0 of our Marketplace software that will introduce some nice new functionality for both customers and admin users.

  3. Shari Hill Avatar
    Shari Hill

    The Graduate School has been working with NDM for years to collect application fees and dissertation/submission fees — first on AbleCommerce and now on TouchNet. The software’s great, but Jeff and Robyn really know how turn a functional partnership into something outstanding. I’m particularly grateful for Robyn’s custom reports!

  4. Hi there,

    I would like a website that offers people the chance to sell me their item and send it to me via post with a secure link for payment. This is a new business so I would only like a small site to start with and see how it goes from there. Please could you send me some ideas and prices.

    many thanks

    1. Don Schindler Avatar
      Don Schindler

      Ms. Watson,

      These websites are for ND faculty, staff and students only. Sorry.


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