Why do you need a marketing mechanic?

Can a consultant fix your marketing?Here’s a problem I find with marketing consultants. They are full of plans that they don’t execute. It’s really hard to hold them accountable because they don’t do the actual work. They just make the plans.

Not that consultants are a bad thing. I am one at my full time job at Notre Dame. I consult a lot. I draw up plans. I don’t have to execute on all of them and therefore I am a consultant.

But here’s what I find with most consultants. They want you to start over.

They want the plans that you may have had in place to be thrown out. Then they start over with a fresh set of plans. That you probably can’t execute anyway.

So that’s why I don’t want to be a consultant. Consider me a marketing mechanic.

Why a mechanic?

When you bring your car to a mechanic because it isn’t running as well as you think it should, the mechanic isn’t going to tell you that you need to just get rid of the car then start putting together plans for a new car based on what you feel you need your new car to do.

No, he’s going to say, let me check out your car and see what’s wrong. Maybe I can fix it.

Because we all know it’s a lot cheaper to hire a mechanic and get the car fixed then take on the payments of a new one. Granted, there are times when a mechanic will tell you that there’s nothing he can do about your car and you should think about replacing it.

So why should you hire a marketing mechanic over an advertising firm or a consultant?

Well, because I’m not here to give you a plan and walk away like a consultant. Or like a firm and want you to just put me on retainer.

I think it’s smarter to get me involved to find out what your marketing problem is and then how to fix it. Once it’s back to running right, then you can go back on your way.

Marketing isn’t rocket science or hard to do. You just need a good foundation and then a set schedule. Anyone can do it.

Most companies use the same tactics. Website, email marketing, brochure, flyers, business cards, social media, events, etc…

You just need to know if they are running right and what you could do to improve their performance.

If you need a marketing checkup, call the marketing mechanic. 574-387-1688 or email me at don.schindler@gmail.com


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