Can tech save your relationship?

Bay Bridge by David Yu ( CC)

I’m a big believer in marketing technology and social media. But I hear a lot of naysaying when it comes to building real relationships with people. They say they wish people would put those devices down and start talking to the folks around them.

Now I agree that we all need a break sometimes. I get a crick in my neck sometimes from starting down at my phone too long.

And a text messaging conversation isn’t the same as sitting down with someone and chatting over coffee.

OK, I’ll give you it’s missing the body language – an emoji just isn’t up to par.

But how else are you going to talk to your customers directly?

Are you going to take the time to drive into the city and find them?

Do you think they would stop their day to chat? (They might. A lot of them really like farmers.)

Throes of people are moving to the cities and out of the country. Most people are three or more generations removed from the farm and food production.

In the past, people were deeply connected to the farms around them because this is where they got their food and where some of their relations lived – but that’s not the case anymore.

Recently there was a New York City farm tour where farmers came into the local groceries to talk directly with customers – I applaud that. It’s great. Is it scalable? Does everyone have the time to drop what they are doing and make the case?

Or can you pull out your smart phone and connect via social media to your customers?

Granted it will take more time to form a trusted relationship but you can do it. Just be yourself and telling your story can do a lot – but remember to listen to their story as well.

Be open and answer their questions. And they have quite a few.

These computers in our pockets (over 2/3 of Americans have them) are the driving force of daily information.

Did you know the average worker checks their email 9.6 times an hour?

If it is going to be in their face, why don’t you be part of what they are looking at? BTW, they love looking at animals – cats, dogs, cows, pigs, horses.

Karen Bohnert from Kansas shares pics on Instagram

And you are the expert in farming, right?

You know your farm. You can tell them and show them what’s happening right now.

The relationships you have with your animals. The time you spend in the field and the barn. The struggles and the success. All to help fuel them so they can do what they love – which might not have anything to do with food production.

Tech can bridge the gap that is building between city life and farm life. Now it’s up to you whether you want to cross it or not?

If you go, we’ve got plenty of help for you via training and one-on-one advice. Just reach out, we are here to help.


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