Experience Virtual Reality For $1500; Let Data Do the Talking; Facebook Adds a Dislike!

Adding a little more balance back into the world. Facebook announces their plans for the “dislike” button. http://cnn.it/1OCROQg

We’re walking, talking data-generating machines. Ag and the future of on-farm data. http://bit.ly/1V0mTCs

What comes after the smartphone? Zuckerberg says it’s headsets with “immersive 3-D experiences.” Get started early next year for $1500. http://vnty.fr/1UZUFSR

“People aren’t listening to Pandora or robots. They’re interested in people talking.” Stats behind the rise of podcasting. http://bit.ly/1OCUbCw

Snapchat is waiting for you. Use these easy steps and you’ll be snapping in seconds! http://bit.ly/1imZJ7z