Tackle The Email Giant; Apple Announcements; Cheese Emojis; You Are Ready For Snapchat

Email and efficiency in the same sentence? Google’s Eric Schmidt shares 9 must-have email tips. http://for.tn/1M1ErXl


If it’s not online, it didn’t happen. A study shows top reasons why people feel the need to share. http://nyti.ms/1F1AXEf


People now spend more time in apps over watching TV. Can you guess how much time the average person spends consumed in apps? http://tcrn.ch/1J2JmSZ


It’s all fun and games until you get sued by Michael Jordan (or another celebrity). Why brands need to steer cautious when interacting with celebrities online. http://bit.ly/1XT9k6H


Nope. Email is not dead. In fact, it’s actually 40X more effective than Facebook or Twitter for acquiring new customers. http://bit.ly/1geWOMR


Just for fun. You now will have a cheese emoji (and taco). If only we could text an emoji and cheese would arrive at our door. http://bit.ly/1F1AFNG


Are you ready for Snapchat? I think so. Here’s why and how to get started. http://bit.ly/1UHaRhg


Apple had a few announcements this week. We learned about this thing called the iPad Pro which one comic predicted years ago. http://on.mash.to/1MgAjp3



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