Grandma Iva Lee and Paul watching TV

Grandma Iva Lee and Paul watching TV

Seth Godin had a great little post today called “You’re boring“.

It’s really quick so go read it.

I run into this thing all the time with marketers taking the safe route.  Especially in this economy.

When you choose the safe and boring route, you make your potential clients tired.  You make your staff tired. You make yourself tired. Oh, great. Here we go again. Boring story, boring brochure, boring website. Whoa, that made me tired just writing it.

The funny thing is that you choose this.  You are the one that makes the decision to go for something that can change the world or at least your industry.

And don’t blame management.  You may think they always shoot down your ideas but most likely they shoot down what you don’t fully believe in.  That you are not 100% excited in. That you don’t fight for until you’re nothing but a bloody stump.

Don’t wait another day because if you do, you’ll lose that energy you have right now to fix this boring and tired place.

Email me and let’s figure out how to fix it.

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