Hammering Social Media in Business

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I used to beat people with my social media sledge hammer.  In fact, at my old job, I did carry a heavy hammer (not a sledge hammer) around all the time.

In a presentation of over 150 people at Junior Achievement, I used a sledge hammer to smash apples.  That was a fun presentation.  I hope Mitch Maxson had fun, too.  He was co-presenter.

Yes, it was all very Gallagher.  If you don’t know who he is, then I’ve aged myself quite well.

Social Media isn’t a hammer but it is a tool.  A great tool.  But it’s not a strategy.  It’s a tactic that you should use as a tactic.  But I wouldn’t consider it as much of a marketing tool as a customer engagement/service tool.

In fact, it might be better to have it controlled by your customer service people then your marketing people.  They understand the customer better.  They have more interaction with them then the marketing department (usually).

But social media is still a fun new gadget so customer service isn’t going to get to use it.  Marketing does cause they get all the fun tools.

But really, it should be blend of customer service and marketing together.

I’m going to continue this post tomorrow because the Mendoza College of Business marketing folks I spoke with were very animated in their discussion and I would like to share a lot of what they said.  Hope they don’t mind.


  1. Nice– you explained it well. Thank you for the presentation.
    It is well organized and explained well about social media.
    Yes, social media gives everyone equal voices. I love this slides!

    Ria from sac bandoulière homme 

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