And the winners are…AgencyND

GamedaySo we won a few awards from eduStyle.

Now, I like awards but sometimes they are all flash and no ear-ringing, crater-leaving BOOM!

I would like to say that both of these sites that won actually have craters as well.

They win in usability and what they were intended to do. Pull in the audience and get them to experience a story here at Notre Dame.

Crazy traffic at the Notre Dame Gameday site. So much that we are revamping it to make it even better (coming soon) and it will become more of a central hub for everything on a Notre Dame Football Weekend and not just a cool calendar system.

Notre Dame TourThe Notre Dame Tour has rocked because it delivered our beautiful campus in the only way you can get there without being there – through the photos and panoramics of Matt Cashore, our university photographer – who just won 1st place at 2010 University Photographers’ Association of America and video with the students.  Check out his video “Passage to India” here.

We have more in store for the tour as well but you’ll have to wait on that one.

But there’s so much more that AgencyND does besides pretty websites. We do tons of amazing magazines and reports, invitations and letters. We do award winning logos and infographics.

We’ve got an amazing bunch of people here – wanting to do the best work for Our Lady’s University. And we will.

I’m excited about the future. Are you?


  1. Tim Malott Avatar
    Tim Malott

    Matt Cashore is a god! He is the “King” of all Media, especially when Mike Bennett isnt around!

  2. I am so excited to see and witness for myself the launching of your new site. I am actually a visiting alumna and I am so glad you have given us this unique experience of being in the know and regularly updated just by visiting the site. Just looking at the pictures makes me wanna go back home.

    Carmela Lee from Recette entrée froide 

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