Raymond Carver

Writing comes first.

Every project, every time, it always comes down to the content.

It’s very weird to me that no one questions the content in a print project – it’s required. The content helps drive the design and needs to be finalized (or as close as it can get) before we begin designing the piece.

But when it comes to the web, people tell me they can get it done later.

They say, “Let’s design it out and then add the content.” And silly me, I let them.

Let’s design the homepage with fake latin – here’s a free latin generator if you want one. Then let’s get upset when the real content screws up the design on the homepage.

Let’s design out a few sub pages – what we think we might need. But then when we add the content and it doesn’t look right, let’s blame the designers and developers for not understanding how it was going to look.

Seriously, I don’t think I can take this anymore.

Here’s a few solutions.

  1. Let us handle the writing. Your people are busy.  Really busy.  And adding the website content to their workload without them understanding the basics of web writing and/or web design causes a lot of procrastination.  Sure, most people on campus are good writers but just because you write well, doesn’t mean you understand how to write for the web.  Heck, people don’t even read on the web, they scan.  But the search engines read and they want keywords.  It takes a talented web writer to know how to do both.
  2. Get a freelancer.  We have a lot of them on the Agency’s Preferred Vendor Program – Copywriters.  You don’t even have to contact us, just contact them.  They are approved.  If you have a writer you like, think about submitting them to us.  Others on campus could benefit from them.

BTW, we could use a good marketing copywriter on our AgencyND team.  Would you like to join us here?

What do you think?  Do you think that writing the content ahead of time helps a website build?

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