SEO Browser to see what the search engines see

SEO Browser lets you see what the search engines see

From time to time, I’m going to start passing along tools that I like to use for checking out websites.  One of them is

SEO Browser lets us see all the cool data you want to see like Metadata, Page load times, Page size, # of words, # of images, robots.txt, frames, cookies, links, IP address, country, and then breaks down all of your links.

Cool stuff.



25 responses to “SEO Browser to see what the search engines see”

  1. WOW!
    i will try the SEO BROWSER NOW!

  2. Really cool site for checking out what the search engines are looking at. I think I need to do a little bit of tweaking 🙂

    Thanks for the info Don.

  3. Awesome tool. This will be helpful when looking at other competitor sites as well! Thanks Don!

    Jacksonville Internet Marketing

  4. Thanks for passing this along. Looks like a good tool to use, seeing things from the spiders’ perspective. I just signed up for an account.

    Kim @ Medical Alert Systems Reviews

  5. Cool SEO tool! Thanks for the share.

  6. Very Cool, never seen this SEO brwoser before! This tool is awsume, Thanks.

  7. Great tools for us.. I could share this to our newbie webmasters. Thanks

  8. I wonder how accurate this browser tool is.

  9. yes. you can evaluate how your site look when google bot come to your site.

  10. I’ve tested the seo-browser utility after signing up and it’s a very detailed software related to see as the SEO’s eyes.

    There is 2 ways of exploring the seo with the GoogleBot (The new and older version), all of them are good and if you use the “Advanced scan button” you get a lot of details about the site you are analizing.

    Recommended 100%!!

  11. Yea, just the registering to see your results is not so funny. Furthermore there are a bunch of other seo tools out there that do the same job – without registering. Besides that drawback, good information provided for the novice SEO.

  12. I have also tested this one and I must say it’s quite useful tool. I recommend also using chrome with SEOquake and SEO for chrome extensions. Those are very helpful with any seo project and link building process. billig seo – norwegian friends 😉

  13. Yes, interesting SEO tool.
    I recommend another very usefull which I use every day:

    1. Don Schindler Avatar
      Don Schindler

      @logo thanks for the tool. is pretty cool.

  14. Did not know this valuable tool, is very interesting information


  15. Hello, thank you for sharing this awesome info with us, please keep up the great work.

  16. Omg, this is a great tool. Saves me a lot of time..thank you so much…cheers

  17. Excellent tool, really really going to tweet this now!!

  18. Thanks for sharing another useful SEO-tool.
    You might also know ?

  19. This is a good tool for us as small SEO firm in our Country. Thank you for sharing this tools.

  20. Brilliant tool thanks for sharing!

  21. It’s a really very awesome tools…

  22. Plenty of usefull tools and recommendations i found here. Many thanks for taking the time to share.

  23. These are all awsome tools.

  24. GREAT !! i have been using all in one seo packnow
    Thanks guy 🙂

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