This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting in Miami through the Mendoza College of Business Non-Profit Executive Programs.

My presentation/workshop was an 8-hour affair.  A long day for sure.  But I was highly encouraged by how engaged the presidents, CEOs and board members were in my presentation.

Three years ago when I gave social media presentations, most executives would roll their eyes and think that I was just there to sell them the latest and greatest shiny new object without any hope of a real return on investment.

Now that social media (real time communications is a much better term to me) has more than just captured attention of the nation and business, they were very interested in how real time communications could help them grow their membership.

I’ve never in my life put together a bigger deck (146 slides) but you know you need something big if you are going to talk for 8 hours.  So view at your own risk.

The first part of the presentation was all about combining the real executive with the digital executive – the blending of your personal and professional lives (like we have a separation any more) and how they as executives needed to lead the charge instead of the social media intern they had hired for Facebook status updates.  I spoke of their digital footprint and how to view it, measure it and keep track of it.

The second half of the presentation was focused on their business and how the digital footprint of their business was built in the same way as their personal brand – because the two were tied together closely.

Here are the links to the communication strategy, the creative brief template, time tracking, editorial calendar and Social Media and Digital Media Document with all the links I mentioned in the class. There were a lot of them.

Again, I can’t tell you how excited I was that they didn’t fight against the concept.  Not like how people did three years ago, when I was basically presenting this same type of material.

Again, I want to thank the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, all their wonderful members that attended the session, and the Mendoza College of Business Non-Profit MBA Executive Programs (special thanks to Marc Hardy and Bill Brennan) for the opportunity to meet, share what I know and make some new friends.

Oh, and it was awesome that it was in Miami.  Definitely going to visit that city again.  Great time.

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