Should I post that? – Facebook Page Management Class

I’ll bet people are surprised at my social media classes and workshops. While I’m a big fan of social media and the opportunities that come to market your department, program, class or school, I get pretty passionate about jumping into social media when you don’t have your other ducks in a row for your communications.  You know, like your website is a big piece of crap and no one can use it on a mobile phone but yet you are tweeting like crazy.  Or you don’t have a good call to action to get people’s information but yet you’re out making facebook videos.  Social media isn’t the number one tactic in communication.

But social media can transform your communications. It gives you an amazing feedback loop for what works in your communications and what doesn’t.  It offers insight into what your audience looks like, what engages them and it gives you a connection to them that you’ve never been able to have.  You are not in complete control of the message and I love that.

So when I taught my first Facebook Page Management class, it was kinda bumpy.  But most of my first classes will be because I’m still trying to figure out what the class wants and what I’m trying to get across.  Facebook is a great vehicle for communications but you need a good understanding of how it works and how you should be tracking its success.

The worst thing about teaching a workshop class on facebook is the fact that they change it all the time and my slides don’t always match up with Facebook’s layout.  I really hate that.

Anyway, here’s my latest bunch of slides.  Enjoy.

[slideshare id=13283668&sc=no]


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