Five Simple Steps on How to Set Up a Linkedin Profile

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Originally,I put together six reasons why I believe you should in using Linkedin.

  • This is a business social network
  • Farmers are missing from Linkedin
  • Your network can benefit your family, friends and the industry
  • Your rolodex will automatically be updated
  • It becomes a strong part of your digital profile
  • Meet new people via groups and interest

You can check it out the post here (why you should be using linkedin) but now it’s time to get started using Linkedin. Things that you will need to prepare before you go over to Linkedin.

  • Résumé – do you still have that document lying around?
  • A good photo or headshot – this doesn’t have to be entirely professional. I use one that draws on one of my hobbies (my motorcycle) and people love it.
  • Any certifications or classes you’ve taken outside of normal education

1. Head over to


You’ll have to enter your name, email address, and a password. Try using an email address you use with colleagues. With your permission, LinkedIn will access contacts from that account and find them for you on LinkedIn. You don’t have to do this right away if you don’t want to – they will keep asking you.

2. Create a profile by adding your name, title and company


Remember that all of this is visible to search engines. Some people add their certifications like RD to their name, etc… Linkedin will send you a confirmation email link to verify you are who you say you are via the email you gave them.

3. Click through the email confirmation link


Once you click through, Linkedin will use your email contacts to find colleagues from your past and present job positions. Simply check the boxes next to their name and they will be invited to connect to your profile.



It will also encourage you to invite others to linkedin as well to help build your network. You can skip this step if you want.


4. Select the basic account


You probably won’t need the upgrade – this is more for people are starting companies or trying to sell through their network.

5. Adding your résumé


Linkedin is going to use simple fill-ins to get your profile in place. This is where your résumé will help you out with dates and companies.

They will start with your experience.

Followed by Education, your Photo, Skills & Expertise and Details.

This will take some time but remember a lot of this stuff you only have to do once and then it’s on the web forever.

The more information you can add the better it will look and more chances that someone will find you and network with you.

Be clear and concise but don’t be boring or use vague terms – industry terms can be fine but will limit your chances to be found. In future blog posts, I’ll show you how to use search and groups to network more effectively as well as adding a company page for your farm.

Did I miss anything on your profile? Is there anything you would like to see me add?

Here’s what mine looks like below. You can connect to me at



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