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Why is my Google Maps, Chrome and iMessage breaking on my iPhone?

google-search-app I’ve been searching for the answer for weeks with my iPhone. It was driving me crazy.

First, it was Chrome. I would open the app and nothing would work. Then my Google Maps app (which I rely on heavily) wouldn’t work. And if I went to Apple Maps, it wouldn’t work either.

Then quickly after that, my iMessage would stop working correctly as well. The notifications badge wouldn’t clear.

Here’s what fixed the problem. I had deleted my original Google Search app. With it gone, none of the other apps would work correctly unless I shut down the phone and restarted.

Once I added the Google Search App back and logged back in, everything has been fine.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Using Webfile to Publish Your Web Site in Dreamweaver

dreamweaver logo

Dreamweaver is not the answer

Does anyone have a doubt that the web is a very different animal then it was ten years ago, five years ago, two years ago?

Campus has changed quite a bit in that time – just look around at the new buildings, new roads, new football coach…again. But you are still struggling with Dreamweaver and Contribute, then you are doing it wrong.

Dreamweaver was a great tool back in the day. It helped us build lots of sites but it’s not the answer now. We’ve grown up, moved along and now we take the web very seriously – as the university should – and we don’t offer any Dreamweaver help (except to get you out of it) and we dislike dealing with Contribute tremendously.

So why should you get out of Dreamweaver?

  1. Dreamweaver doesn’t build clean code. The code that it dumps into your website slows the user down. Why do that? Conductor and WordPress have much better code and it’s updated all the time to make it better. Continue reading

HTML5 – What is it and why should I care?


What is HTML5 and why should I care?

Unlike my designers and developers who live and breathe this stuff all day long, my focus seems to shift to managing budgets and people.

So when they suggest something that helps me understand what it is that people are talking about all the time, I figure it might be good to pass it along.

I like this graphic because it really showed me what HTML5 was all about.  Then oaknd1 showed me apple.com/html5

BTW, you have to use Safari to look it at but it’s worth it.

I couldn’t believe what they could do with searchable text (instead of having to drop text into graphics) and the video portion.

Another reason I love social media.  I didn’t actually talk to Jim Gosz about this and ask him about html5.  He tweeted it and I followed the link.

Why should you be using Google Adwords?

Right now, your website is probably being found when you put in your search terms and the words, “notre dame”.

But it’s probably not being found if you just type in your “dept name” or any search keyword terms that you should be associated with.

Now, there are lots of things you can do to move up the search engine ranking position (by the way, you should be found on first page – preferably above the fold) but they take time – lots of time.  We are talking months not days. Continue reading

Higher Education Website Search Engine Optimization For Beginners

Seomoz.org For Your SEO Needs

I got a question the other day about SEO and what people should be doing to their websites.

Well, there is a lot you can do. Like adjusting title tags, adding keyword rich content, adding video and photos, making sure that their is a 301 Redirect to your www, etc so the search engines see only one site, etc…

But I always like to let the experts do the talking so I head on over to seomoz.org and find out what the smart SEO guys are doing.

There’s a lot of great information – especially the Beginner’s Checklist for Small Business.

But one of the best parts of SEOmoz.org is the survey from SEO experts in the field on Search Engine Ranking.

1. Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links – 73% High Importance Continue reading

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