HTML5 – What is it and why should I care?

What is HTML5 and why should I care?

Unlike my designers and developers who live and breathe this stuff all day long, my focus seems to shift to managing budgets and people.

So when they suggest something that helps me understand what it is that people are talking about all the time, I figure it might be good to pass it along.

I like this graphic because it really showed me what HTML5 was all about.  Then oaknd1 showed me

BTW, you have to use Safari to look it at but it’s worth it.

I couldn’t believe what they could do with searchable text (instead of having to drop text into graphics) and the video portion.

Another reason I love social media.  I didn’t actually talk to Jim Gosz about this and ask him about html5.  He tweeted it and I followed the link.


  1. I downloaded Safari to check out the link to Apple. Pretty cool! Can’t wait until it becomes standard… it will make web design a lot less complicated.

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