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Christmas Communication Gift: How would I market a dept, program or class on no budget?

Christmas So you’ve been challenged with getting people to pay attention to things you are offering them but you’ve got no budget to do it with.  Just a few years ago, you probably would have been out of luck.

The only thing you would have been able to use is good old “word of mouth”.  Which, btw, is still one of the best ways to get people to pay attention.

But today if you don’t have money, there are a lot more opportunities to get the word out.

Website – Central Hub
With no budget, I can get an ND blog and make it into a website.  The blog section can always be used for news and there are lots of different themes and layouts to choose from.  The main thing that I want people to do when they visit the website is to do something.  Sign up for something.  You need to get their information so you can reach out to them. Continue reading

Are You Struggling With Using WebFile to Publish Your Web Site in Contribute?

Using Contribute To Publish Your Website

Frustrated? Stop using Contribute and use Conductor or a Blog

Do you need help with Contribute? Can you not access your web site because it was built using Contribute?

We get lots of these types of questions dealing with Contribute everyday. We struggled and continue to struggle with Contribute as well. The keys won’t work. It’s hard to manage. No one ever remembers the netID that was used to set up the web site.  The software upgrade skipped a few upgrades and now the web site won’t work with Contribute CS4.

Maybe it’s time to just move on. Contribute was the prime way to get a website built on campus a few years ago but that’s not the case anymore.

AgencyND has built two different platforms that make it easy to get your web site up on the internet.

  1. Conductor – web content management system
  2. WordPress Blogs at ND – blogging tool and web content management system

And both of them are controlled by your netID and you don’t need to know HTML to use them. How great is that? Continue reading

Seven Things You Need To Know About Building A Website

Kid Screaming at Mom

"Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM, MOMMMM!" Creative Commons - mindaugasdanys

First and foremost, you should have a good reason to build a website. Most people do have good reasons but they don’t write them down. Take the time to write down why you are building this web property.

You should have an objective or multiple objectives that you want to achieve. For example, you want people to understand what you are researching or teaching. You want people to donate their time or money to your mission.

Target Audience
You should have an understanding of your target audience. Who are they? Do they normally use the web? How do they get their information about what I do?

What’s your story that you want to tell them? So many people don’t figure out the story they want to tell before they begin to build their tactics like a website to reach the people they want to talk to. It reminds of a child chasing after their mother, yelling incessantly, “Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom…” When she finally stops and turns around to say, “What?” The child responds with “I don’t know.”

This is what you are going to do and for me, there’s usually only a few strategies out there.

“Outreach” strategy – every tactic (the how) must fall into how you are going to reach the viewer. You are everywhere that your user may be looking for you, seeking your kind of help.

“Expert” strategy – every tactic must fall into how you are going to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about in your field. You are someone that can help them solve their problem.

“Resource” strategy – every tactic must fall into how you are going to give something to the viewer that will help them solve their problem.

There are many others. Like for instance, Southwest’s strategy was to be the lowest cost airline provider. If you added cost without making it cheap to fly then the tactic was rejected. They were always looking to make it cheaper to fly than with anyone else.

Your website is a tactic. Granted, I believe it is one of the most useful tactics but it still should be treated like a tactic.

There are lots of other tactics like magazines, brochures, and white papers but let’s stick to the website.

So you have your objectives, target audience and story to fill your website with. What should you do next?

  1. Think about your objective and then pinpoint an action that would make the website a success. For instance, the website is a success if people give us their email addresses and want a relationship with us. Or they fill out a survey. Or they read our blog/watch a video (measured by time on site). Continue reading

Higher Education Website Search Engine Optimization For Beginners

Seomoz.org For Your SEO Needs

I got a question the other day about SEO and what people should be doing to their websites.

Well, there is a lot you can do. Like adjusting title tags, adding keyword rich content, adding video and photos, making sure that their is a 301 Redirect to your www, etc so the search engines see only one site, etc…

But I always like to let the experts do the talking so I head on over to seomoz.org and find out what the smart SEO guys are doing.

There’s a lot of great information – especially the Beginner’s Checklist for Small Business.

But one of the best parts of SEOmoz.org is the survey from SEO experts in the field on Search Engine Ranking.

1. Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links – 73% High Importance Continue reading

Siteless Web Presence Part Two or why not be in all places at once?

So how do you get a siteless web presence?

Your website is one place on the web. One place that Google can direct traffic. When a person does a search for your site then you’ll hopefully pop up. If you have the right kind of URL, Title Tags, Meta Tags, and enough relevant content about you on the home page.

Now I’m not saying you need to talk about yourself a lot – just the right keywords. And I’m never into talking about myself too much – you should be talking to your customers, telling your story, and explaining your unique benefits.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post a blog on what kind of tags you should be using and how they work on a website. Anybody interested in that? Continue reading

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