Mashable’s Social Media Day Here in Michiana and the Internet Experience

So I have a couple of things today.

One is Mashable’s Social Media Day in Michiana:  I’m going to be part of the group presenting and there will be a panel of Social Media experts to ask questions too.  It’s also free and it’s after work at the awesome LaSalle Grill.  Definitely worth checking out.

Here’s what’s gonna happen.

Club LaSalle (3rd Floor LaSalle Grill, @LaSalle_Grill)
115 W. Colfax Ave
South Bend, IN

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time/Schedule (5:30pm-8:00pm):
5:30 Mingling/Networking
6:10 Introduction
6:15 Guest Speaker – Don Schindler
6:45 Networking
7:00 Social Media Panel Discussion
7:30 Networking

Event is free.  Appetizers will be provided.  A cash bar is available.

Then there’s also this news from PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2010-2014

Now this is some good stuff.  Here’s an excerpt…

Consumer behavior dominant driver of change

Consumer feedback and usage provides the only reliable guide to the commercial viability of products and services, and the global consumer base is being used as a test-bed for new offerings and consumption models.  PwC has identified three themes that are expected to emerge from changing consumer behavior and the industry must anticipate and pre-empt the needs and wants of consumers. 

Rising power of mobility and devices: Advances in technology are expected to see increasingly converged, multi-functional mobile devices come of age as a consumption platform by the end of 2011. Consumers are increasingly demanding ubiquity and the ability to consume and interact with content anywhere, anytime—and to share and discuss that content experience with others via social networks—is expected to become an increasingly integral part of people’s lives.  By 2014, US mobile Internet access subscribers are projected to increase to 96.1 million, a 40% CAGR from 2009.

Growing dominance of Internet experience over all content consumption: Increasingly, the consumer has moved beyond thinking of the Internet as an end in itself, and expects all forms of media to embed the convenience, immediacy and interactivity of the Internet. This trend is becoming more evident in television with the new generation of Web-enabled TV.  Equally, people are already consuming magazines and newspapers on Internet-enabled tablets, and streaming personalized music services such as Pandora in preference to buying physical CDs or even digital downloads.

Increasing engagement and readiness to pay for content—driven by improved consumption experiences and convenience: Ongoing fragmentation means that media offerings will need greater consumer engagement and quality to be heard and purchased. Consumers are more willing to pay for content when accompanied by convenience and flexibility in usage, personalization and a differentiated experience that cannot be created elsewhere. Local relevance is also expected to boost consumers’ engagement with content services and enhance the content providers’ ability to charge.

Mobile, Internet Experience and Increased Engagement with a readiness to pay for content and convenience.

Now this is just an outlook but I don’t see how they could be far off with this assessment.  Everyone I know is attached to their mobile phone.  The first place people go for information is the Internet.  And I’m willing to pay (not all the time) if the content is worth it.  Though, I will try and find it free but I give up a lot easier now.

What do you think about their assessment?


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