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Simple SEO for Images on Websites

Cow In A Grass Field

Cow eating grass in a green field

When adding images to your website, there are several things you should think about doing to make sure that the search engines understand what you are putting on the web.

1. Put keywords in the image file name.

Instead of the image being named IMG_7657.jpg, rename the image before uploading to your website like cow-in-field.jpg.

Adding Search Engine Text to Images

Adding search engine text to images in wordpress

2. Make sure to use Alt Text and Title Text and it doesn’t hurt to add a caption with the image.

Instead of just placing the image, you should put in <img alt=“Cow In A Grass Field” title=“Cow eating grass in field”></im>. Then add a caption of “Cow eating grass in a green field”. All of this helps the search engine to index the image properly.

Code of adding images to a website

This is how the code looks when you add an image in wordpress

Tip: It’s better to properly size the image for the website as well as reduce the file size as much as possible when putting images on the web.

Several photo editors I like are Canva, Picmonkey and on my phone, I’m a fan of Word Swag.

Six Reasons on Why You Should be Using Linkedin for Yourself and Your Farm


Linkedin Chocolates courtesy of Nan Palmero

With over 259 million members and growing at rate of two new members per second, Linkedin is the premier business social network and there are many reasons that I believe it is in your best interest to set up a profile and get a company page for your farm and/or business.  If you want to link up with me, here’s my Linkedin Profile.


1. This social network is all about business

Most complaints I get about social networking is that most of the content seems silly like on Facebook (I don’t care what my high school classmate is doing right now) or on Twitter (I don’t care what you had for lunch or that Justin Beiber said).

Linkedin is mostly straight business talk – current headlines are issues effecting the economy or an article about how to retain employees.


2. Where are all the farmers?

There is a serious lack of farmers on Linkedin. Many thought leaders and business influencers are talking back and forth on the network but not with farmers. If you want to join their conversations, Linkedin is a great place to do it.


3. Your network can benefit your family, friends and the industry

You have your personal network of business associates but I’ll bet that no one besides yourself really knows who those people are. If you connect with them on Linkedin, you might open the door to someone you know to connect. For example: Linkedin is a great place for people to search for jobs. Maybe your son or daughter is looking to work at a business and has no idea that you know people that work there. But if you were connected in Linkedin, they would know for sure and would be able to work through you to get connected to the right people in that business.


4. Your rolodex will automatically be updated

Don’t you hate it when you go to find someone’s number off a business card and that number is no good anymore? If you connect with them on Linkedin, then they update their profile information and you can always be connected with them.


5. It becomes a strong part of your digital profile

When it comes to someone searching for your name or farm, you want the good stuff about you to show up first. When you set up a profile for yourself and your farm/business page, there’s a good chance it will pop up on the first page of your search results. This is a good way to control what people see when they look for you.


6. Meet people you don’t know via groups and interest

Sometimes you get busy doing work and don’t have the time to meet new business acquaintances – Linkedin is a great place to meet legitimate business people with likeminded interests. You can do this through joining groups and being a part of their conversations. You can even tailor your news settings and Linkedin will send you business news set up strictly to your tastes.

For example, you could connect to local chefs, foodies, registered dietitians, food industry researchers, Ag equipment providers, bankers, etc…

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your influence and strengthen your business connections for the benefit of your business and your family. With my next post, I’ve gone through the step by step instructions on how to set up your Linkedin profile and company page.

Are there any reasons that you joined Linkedin that I missed? Let me know and I’ll add them.

What happens when someone “googles” you or your professor?

Googling Don Schindler Personal branding, I know, is a bad word in academia. I learned that over the past year. So I’ve changed the term and changed how I talk about it. My friend, JP, over at the Science of Generosity gave me a great term to us and I can’t believe how much it has helped. It’s called “Public Intellectual”.

And it works perfectly. Because all of our faculty are “intellectuals” – in fact, they all have brilliant minds and I love talking with them. That was a big draw to leaving retail and going back to my college roots here at Notre Dame. The conversations are inspiring.

But one thing they have to remember in this day and age of the internet is that the “public” part of the term is just as important. Professors are celebrities. And they are in the public whether they want to be or not. I believe most don’t even know how public they are.

I recently had a meeting with one of our more controversial professors. I won’t mention his name but he has the research to back up what he claims and I believe it’s the best thing for humanity.

But the problem he had is that he doesn’t “google” himself very much.

And a lot of interesting things came up that he didn’t know about. Which is unfortunate. Some of it was good – like a Facebook Page all about him that had over 1000 fans. Continue reading

Why should you be using Google Adwords?

Right now, your website is probably being found when you put in your search terms and the words, “notre dame”.

But it’s probably not being found if you just type in your “dept name” or any search keyword terms that you should be associated with.

Now, there are lots of things you can do to move up the search engine ranking position (by the way, you should be found on first page – preferably above the fold) but they take time – lots of time.  We are talking months not days. Continue reading

Benchmarking Your Website

When I was speaking with the Mendoza College of Business School at the University of Notre Dame Marketing team the other day, we did some quick analysis of their site to see how they ranked vs. their competitiors.  Now I’m not going to show you their stats, but I am going to show you nd.edu vs. some of our competition and how I would do it quickly just to set a benchmark.

There is much more in depth analysis you can do but this is down and dirty and gives you a snapshot.

First, I head over to Compete.com.  Now depending on how much traffic your website gets, compete.com can give you a pretty good reading of your website.  Now this is not based on internal analytics so it’s not perfect but for a quick analysis, it’s fine.

Here’s nd.edu vs. stanford.edu vs. duke.edu and bc.edu.  Interesting results that aren’t really far off from our internal analytics.


Continue reading

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